Beyond the Books and Worksheets

Homeschooling in the 21st century is surely more different than in years past.  Technology brings to life ways of presenting different subjects in innovative ways.  Here are our favorite ways to go beyond the books and learn subject matter more in depth or to master material in fun, interactive ways.


If you have a smartphone or an iPad you know how entertaining apps can be, even to the youngest of kids.  Here are some of our favorites for the iPad:

  • Montessori Crosswords-Spelling with Phonics– the moveable alphabet on the iPad.  Even if you are not a Montessori child, you will love this spelling app!  My kindergartener’s favorite!
  • MontessoriTech Place Value– Another favorite of my kindergartener! Place value to thousands.
  • TreeBook– Identify all kinds of trees based on leaves or needles.
  • MathBingo– My kids love this game!–different levels of play for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The kids earn “bingo bugs” for every bingo.
  • WordBingo– Another favorite in our house!  Levels from preschool to 3rd grade!
  • Spelling Doll-1 — Great for vocabulary and spelling for grades 4-6
  • My Spelling Test–  This is a great app for entering your own spelling words in and you or child says them to iPad.  So for each word the child hears his/her voice or yours and practices the word
  • Rocket Speller— This is great spelling app for young boys.  Aliens in space ship present picture and word for you to spell.  The letters are mixed up at bottom for child to touch and place in order
  • Fractions App By TapToLearn
  • Pizza Fractions
  • Math Tappers:Fractions–  Great interactive apps for learning fraction concepts
  • iLearn:Continents– This is a game for learning the continents and oceans of the world
  • NASA App–  If your children love space, this app has wonderful information and stunning pics


There are so many educational websites out there, too many to mention.  Here are a few of are favorites (please note some of these do require a subscription):

  • Science with Me written by a mother with a PhD in science field this website has free printables and her blog filled with fun ways to present science to young children.  You can also subscribe to get fun curriculums for your children.  My son loves the engaging videos and experiments
  • Little Passports  :  Travel with Sofia and Sam on a global adventure.  Each month they are somewhere new, helping your child learn about geography!  This is a mail order subscription and each month your child gets a new package in mail with item and letter from Sam and Sofia in the country they are visiting.
  • Magic Tree House  : These books are awesome for young children to experience exciting places and times in history in a fictional sense.  Grab a book or two of the series from the library and online you will find free printables, activity ideas and projects that expand on the books. Your child can also sign up for his or her passport and each book they read from the series they can earn a stamp after answering a series of questions about the book.
  • EarthSky  : Great website for anything pertaining to the earth and space.  Great articles and fabulous pictures that illustrate the earth we live in and beyond.


  • Netflix:  Our favorite is to go to Netflix when we want to see more on a subject.  There are wonderful documentaries that have previously been on History Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.  From the journey of a Loggerhead turtle to exploring deeper into space, Netflix has been an awesome go to place for videos on subjects we are studying.
  • YouTube:  Although I am cautious about certain videos on YouTube, under supervision this is a good resource to see how to videos on science experiments, art projects, cooking and more.

Do you have a favorite educational app or website? Let us know below!

About Jennifer Walker, MS

I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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  1. Lynsey Peterson says:

    Great resources! Thanks for sharing!


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