Inspiring Handwriting in a Six Year Old Jedi/Pirate Boy

Almost anyone who has a boy can probably relate to this statement—“My son does not like handwriting!” In fact getting him to do anything that doesn’t require movement of all body parts is like asking my husband to sit through two hours of my favorite sappy chick flick. My son has to see the functionality or purpose of any task at hand and copying the standard workbook sentences do not serve his insatiable quest for meaningful work. After all can you blame him, who likes mundane tasks? Over the course of this school year I have come up with some ways to go beyond worksheets.

  • Magic Tree House series fan? If so then you know that Jack keeps his notebooks to write down important clues he and Annie find to solve their mysteries. Grab a mini notebook, have child write book title at top of page, and your child writes the clues as Jack does. In the series of book the clues he adds to his notebook are written in bold big letters, so it is easy to stop as you are reading along and copy the clue. These books are a 2.5-3.5 grade level but they are excellent chapter books to read aloud to your child. I came up with this idea on a whim because this is my son’s favorite series I read aloud to him and he loves anything to do with finding clues. He is always ready with his pencil for the next clue to copy!
  • Incorporate your child’s extracurricular interests. My son is in martial arts and one day he was talking about the belt levels and he wanted to write them down. I immediately jumped on this opportunity and we made the list in his notebook. He continues to go back and copy the belt colors in order on his own. We have branched out and he has copied the self-defense moves he uses.
  • Grocery list Make a list of popular grocery items and when it is time to shop dictate to the child what items are needed and he/she can copy those items onto a piece of paper.
  • Action figure list My son has several action figures, lego men, and spaceships. He likes writing the names of his different action figures and legos.

Theses are just a few ideas that have worked in my home when it comes to practicing handwriting skills. Get creative and think of what interests your child! There are endless ways to ensure your child is working towards mastering handwriting. Good luck!


About Jennifer Walker, MS

I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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