Broken Arm Blues

My six year old swings from trees and hangs from the highest point of playground equipment. Somedays he is a pirate and other days a Jedi or a superhero running through the yard complete with sound effects and stunts. He is also a blue belt in martial arts. Any of these actions I would have expected a broken limb but last week Matthew broke his arm running too fast in our hallway and running into a bedroom door trying to brace his fall with an outstretched arm.

Yes true story! As a mother and previous counselor in the mental health field, I frantically took him to urgent care wondering what kind of questioning I will endure. After all it seemed unreal that of all the dangerous and wild stunts he does, this injury occurred at home. Throw in the fact I had bad case of laryngitis from an upper respiratory infection and I had in-laws in town staying with us —-I was reminded once again how our life could be chronicled on a sitcom as I tried to communicate with doctors and nurses in a whisper.

Matthew was a trooper,he patiently waited to be seen while agonizing in pain. Turns out he had a broken humerous just above his elbow. Due to fear of continued swelling, the doctor opted for a splint and a sling rather than a cast. So until next week we have to be extra cautious until we go back for cast. Then he will still have to be restricted for next six weeks.

The first few days were nerve wrecking because he still wanted to be his active self. It is hard as a mother to see his frustration with being something he is not. We had to get creative after watching movies and building with Legos became boring.

Matthew’s favorite activities while healing:

1. Art projects: bust out art supplies and let the imagination run wild
2. Baking: Cake Boss on Netflix has become his new favorite and he asked to bake and decorate his own cake. Stars Wars style of course.
3. Board games/puzzles
4. Take trip to favorite museum or zoo
5. Go to library and pick out some new books. Also check out if your local library has free programs. Our library has awesome shows and activities— York County Library

6. Go to the movies! Many theaters have discounted or $1 movies in the summer. Regal Summer series
7. Create a book: this website has fun templates to start your own book Tilatok

It doesn’t have to be a bummer summer with a broken bone. With some planning and creativity it can still be a memorable summer !





About Jennifer Walker, MS

I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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