Stop Keeping up with the Joneses

If there is one thing that will kill your confidence it’s comparing yourself to other moms. If you have not noticed already homeschool curriculums come out of the woodwork with choices. If you live in a metro area then every museum, zoo, nature center and library probably has programming specific to homeschool. Add sports and clubs and pretty soon your head will be swimming in chaos.

Don’t fall in the trap of looking at your homeschool friends and worrying how you measure up. Don’t think you have to sign up for everything offered because your friend’s daughter speaks two foreign languages, reads above grade level, paints like Monet, and can recite the periodic table….and she’s in Kindergarten.

Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating, but it is easy to start comparing your child and your homeschool to others in your group. Here are a few things to think about:

1. Your child is an individual, just like your friends’ children are individuals. They have different styles of learning, different passions, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Embrace that and stick to signing up for activities with this mind. Don’t sign up for everything just to get ahead.

2. Remember my making a homeschool mission statement post? Remember your reasons for homeschooling and your basic philosophy. That is what’s best for your family. Just because one family uses a boxed curriculum and strict schedule and you use unit studies or unschool doesn’t mean your child is worse or better off.

I remember working in the clinical field with similar issue. Everyone had different styles or believed in different theoretical orientations. Some of us were more eclectic than others but in the end the ultimate goal was helping clients. It’s the same in education. So many paths to choose with the same goal in mind. So the next time you are comparing your homeschool and activities to others remember:
“Education is helping a child realize his potentialities.”— Eric Fromm

And you know best how to do that for your child!


About Jennifer Walker, MS

I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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