The Olympic Spirit

Have your kids been following the Olympics? Did you know there are great resources out there for a unit study on the Olympics? Here is some of what my kids are doing to get into the Olympic spirit :


— Reading on the Internet and in books about Olympic history and Greek history

1. The Story of the Olympics

2. The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece

3. Hour of the Olympics by Mary Pope Osbourne

4. Magic Tree House Research Guide– Ancient Greece and the Olympics


— Making a decorative file from LAPBOOK materials is fun way to incorporate art, history and geography. We pulled sheets from a couple of sources and I let the children design their pages to go into their binders.


2. CurrClick Olympics





— My kids are currently doing a medal count for certain countries and next week we are going to make bar graph. We will then use operations to compare the differences and maybe add medals won by continent. The goal is to practice using graphs for information.

Science in Olympics


— My kids love the idea of having their own Olympic games. It is a creative way to work as a team to design events and they are designing medals for each event. Pictures to come next week when their Olympic events are created and they participate!

As you can see this Unit Study incorporates history, geography, math ,art, science and physical education. Unit Studies are a fun way to learn!

About Jennifer Walker, MS

I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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