Family Vacation Can Equal Homeschool on the Go

One of the perks of homeschooling is that you can take vacation at your leisure. No waiting for a school break or summer vacation. I have found that just because we are on vacation does not mean we can not have enriching learning experiences to count towards our schooling. In fact, on vacation science and history come to life as we get up close and personal experience in the real world.

Our first day has already been full of real time experience of concepts we have talked about previously. Of course we had an amazing time lounging at the beach, soaking in some rays, and riding out the waves. But here are a few other things we explored hands on:

1.Oak Island Ocean Education Center: This is an interactive, hands on center where the kids were able to read about marine life, handle different turtle bones, look at horseshoe crabs, and compare sizes of shells of different turtle species. We also took home pamphlets on horse shoe crabs, dolphins , turtles, and rip tides. This will be our reading material for the week and the kids will use them at home for their notebooking project of our trip.






2. Our friend we were staying with found a ghost crab and put it in water to see if it was still alive. After discovering it was still alive , my daughter said we should release it but not close to the sea turtle nest by our house. We have learned in the past that ghost crabs eat the newly hatched turtles and she has remembered this information.

3. Daily check of sea turtle nest-we have a turtle nest out back of our house on the dunes. The kids have learned about sea turtles and the volunteers who watch the nests. Here is a great website about the sea turtles:

4. Night walk on the beach: We took the kids on a flashlight walk on the moonlight beach. The beach is a different place under the stars. We found the Milky Way and looked for other constellations we have talked about when we did our space unit study. We watched the ghost crabs come out to feed. We went to check on other sea turtle nests. We enjoyed the company of one another telling ghost crab stories. Nothing beats the giggling and screaming of young kids enjoying the essence of nature!

This is truly experiential learning in its purest form. Real learning in real life. After all, the world truly is our classroom.

Want to see how we spend our vacation as full school days? Be sure to check back for daily updates on the rest of our vacation week! 🙂

About Jennifer Walker, MS

I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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