Art with the Illustrator: Michael Hall

Recently , the kids and I discovered the books of Michael Hall. They were fascinated by his heart animal shapes in My Heart is Like a Zoo. They also loved how he made Perfect Square, a book where there is no limit to what a square can become.



My daughter, who is the oldest, cut hearts from construction paper and made some of the animals from My Heart is Like a Zoo. She pasted them on construction paper and added googly eyes.



The boys decided to make mountains and a bridge , similar to what they saw in Perfect Square. The each took a piece of construction paper and cut or ripped it into pieces. They arranged their pieces into a design on another piece of construction paper and secured with glue. They loved their creations!





After we completed this fun art project I found this printable with the fun colors and lines already made for you. I printed this out to put on our art shelf for the kids to do again!
What Can You Make With A Square?

Also, checkout the fun counting and coloring the hearts activity from Harper Collins to go along with My Heart is Like a Zoo:
My Heart is Like a Zoo printables

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I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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