Yes, I Enjoy Life!

As the holidays approached we received the typical holiday cards from family and friends.  All the cards were heartwarming but one in particular stood out from our realtor.  We have not seen her since we bought our house three years ago but we are friends on Facebook.   Inside was a note:

“I love seeing you guys on Facebook. You enjoy life, and the kids are growing up!”

You enjoy life.  I admit that is my goal.  It is not always easy when trying to raise children.  It is not always easy when I live 900 miles away from my family.  It is not easy when dealing with special needs of my youngest son.  But in my mind there are only two choices: I can dwell on the negative or I can live life to the fullest.  

As I look back over 2014  I see how truly grand our life is despite some hardships we have to overcome.   I think about how much contemplation I put in each time we were invited to  a social event.  Those experiences are now warm memories in my heart .  Positive experiences can alleviate the stress we are currently facing.  As young adults we have no problem saying  yes to going out with friends or taking a getaway trip.  When kids come along it becomes difficult logistically and financially to have time for grown up experiences.   But we must have our own experiences to rejuvenate our soul.  This helps my kids in two ways: I am more present for them and I set an example that friends are important no matter how old you are.

In addition to our grown up fun of pro-football game parties, my husband’s work gatherings and other social events , we also enjoyed traveling with the kids.   I love to travel and I love when we can accompany my husband on his business travels.  We were able to do this twice in 2014.  The kids and I were able to go to Washington DC and Orlando while my husband was at conferences.  We were thrifty explorers in both cities.  We seized the time and made unforgettable memories.


I also said a big “yes” to a New Orleans trip with my husband for our 15 year wedding anniversary.  I could have thought of a million reasons to say no but I took the plunge and said “yes”.    Again, memories were made.


We also said yes to a beach vacation with our close homeschool friends. The memories–priceless.


But most important is the everyday enjoyable moments we seize with one another.  From the spur of the moment hikes , using our museum memberships to see cool exhibits, or riding in the car to see Christmas lights …..we are adding another memory to the strand of life

It warmed my heart to get that Christmas note.   Life can throw us punches but I believe we are here to enjoy life and spread love to others.   I hope we inspire others to do the same— because life is short and the memories are the best gift we can give !

What memories are you making today? 🙂

About Jennifer Walker, MS

I currently blog about mindfulness, meaningful life-learning, Montessori and Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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